WIOA NexGen Services offers ten required elements to participating NexGen customers:

1)      Adult NexGen Customers Mentoring – NexGen customers are paired with a caring Adult who will work to build a relationship while challenging the NexGen customers to do well in school and/or work. Mentors become advocates for the NexGen customers in all appropriate aspects of the NexGen customer’s life. Mentors are screened for compatibility with the NexGen customers and a thorough background check of all mentors is conducted prior to the mentorship.

2)      Alternative Secondary School Offerings – Any NexGen customer who has not attained a high school diploma or GED is referred to Stanly Community College to complete this very vital step in path of life and career success. RDC staff also provides other academic enrichment activities to present WIOA NexGen customers with academic, job search and life skills that assist them in completing school and finding employment.

3)      Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling – RDC staff conduct comprehensive guidance and counseling at enrollment to identify the needs of each individual NexGen customers and if necessary, refer customers to community resources.

4)      Follow up Services – WIOA NexGen customers are provided follow up services for one year after exit from the WIOA NexGen Services. Monthly contact is attempted to determine if there are any job search or supportive services still needed.

5)      Leadership Development Opportunities – WIOA NexGen customers have the opportunity to regularly participate in community service and peer-centered activities that encourage positive attitudes, self esteem building and other positive social behaviors.

6)      Occupational Skills Training – RDC staff are responsible for assisting participating NexGen customers with wise training choices and referral to WIOA Eligible Training Providers and Services.

7)      Paid and Unpaid Work Experience – NexGen customers are provided with planned and structured experiences that take place in a workplace for a limited period of time. The experience assists NexGen customers the opportunity to gain employability skills through hands-on work experience.

8)      Education offered as workforce preparation activities and training – Activities and workshops that will increase job readiness and improve marketable skills

9)      Supportive Services – WIOA funding may provide participating NexGen customers limited assistance with transportation, childcare and emergency car repair, work attire, etc. on an as needed basis. This assistance is only considered when a customer does not have eligibility for assistance through other partner agencies.

10) Tutoring, Study Skills Training – RDC staff provides instruction leading to secondary school completion through tutoring by staff or volunteers.

11) Financial Literacy Education – Education with emphasis on money management skills, learning the difference between “wants verses needs”, planning for the future, opening a bank account and debt management.

12) Entrepreneurial Skills training – Gaining the practical skills and hands on experience needed to manage and run a business or work in the private sector.

13) Services that provide Labor Market and employment information – Activities that provide services such as career awareness, career counseling and career exploration tools.

14) Activities that help you prepare for transition to post-secondary – Activities that align with realistic career goals.

15) Concurrent educational opportunities offered that are consistent with customer’s career path goal and occupational career cluster – For instance, matching a customer’s training and work experience/internship/job shadowing with an employer in the same field.