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Jim Kohn

Director & Career Development Specialist
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Jim Kohn is the RDC, Inc. Director and Career Development Specialist for the Stanly County WIOA NexGen Services. Jim has worked in Stanly County for over 35 years in Human Resources, management and related fields. He brings strong connection with the community to The Resource Development Center. Jim is focused on helping our NexGen customers attain personal success and meaningful employment to meet today’s rapidly changing world. His current and past association with local business organizations, such as Stanly Co. Managers Association (Chamber of Commerce), Boy Scouts of America and the Advisory Committee of the local JobLink office have further enhanced Jim’s understanding of local workforce needs.


Claudia Covington

Chair, Board of Directors
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Claudia Covington is Chair, Resource Development Center, Inc. Board of Directors. She incorporated the RDC in 2005 to contract with the Workforce Investment Act services in Stanly County, now WIOA NexGen Services. With an extensive background as a businesswoman in the career and job placement industry, Claudia brings a cutting-edge vision to help this generation of young people be successful. She has served as a team and/or board member for numerous local and state organizations, including Stanly Co. DSS, NC Center for Non-Profits, Stanly Chamber of Commerce, Stanly Arts Council, Albemarle Downtown Business Association, NC Association of Personnel Services, Stanly JobLink Management team member and others. Her association with these organizations has provided Claudia with a unique “finger on the pulse” for workforce issues.


Jane Balfrey

Career Development & Validation Specialist
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Jane Balfrey is a Career Development and Validation Specialist for RDC and the WIOA NexGen Services. Her role at RDC has been expanded to also include recruiting and community outreach. Jane began working with WIOA’s predecessor program, WIA, originally in 2011 as Case Manager for the Adult Dislocated Worker program. She has been a workforce professional for nearly twenty years, working first in the temporary staffing industry and then in corporate human resources. In 2010 Jane began working with the Employment Security Commission, now the Department of Commerce, Division of Workforce Solutions as an Intermittent Employment Consultant and then WIA Case Manager.

Dian Sammons

Financial Secretary
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Dian Sammons acts as the fiscal staff for Resource Development Center and assists as needed with activities and events. A native of Indonesia, Dian has over fifteen years experience in fiscal management and skillfully handles the intricate federal requirements of WIOA financial support for NexGen Services. Much of our day-to-day function can be credited to Dian’s behind the scenes support to keep our budget and expenditures on track.